KY K-PREP 4th Grade Science Part A

KY K-PREP 4th Grade Science Part A Sample

1 pt Chapter: 10 Standard: SC-04-3.4.1 DOK: 3

Which animal is well adapted to a scarcity of sunlight and low temperatures?

1 pt Chapter: 6 Standard: SC-04-2.3.3 DOK: 1

What type of front is moving into Lexington?

1 pt Chapter: 8 Standard: SC-04-2.3.5 DOK: 1

Which of the following means increasing when talking about the phases of the Moon?

1 pt Chapter: 4 Standard: SC-04-1.2.2 DOK: 3

Look at the figure below. If the man would like to make a strike and knock down all the pins, which direction of force should he use?

1 pt Chapter: 17 Standard: SC-04-4.6.3 DOK: 1

A light bulb is connected to a battery by a wire. The wire is then connected back to the battery to complete the circuit. Describe how electricity flows in this circuit.