LEAP 2025 ELA Grade 5 Chapter 3

LEAP 2025 ELA Grade 5 Chapter 3 Sample

Excerpt from The Echoing Green by William Blake

The sun does arise,

And make happy the skies;

The merry bells ring

To welcome the spring;

5. The skylark and thrush,

The birds of the bush,

Sing louder around

To the bells’ cheerful sound;

While our sports shall be seen

10. On the echoing green.

Till the little ones, weary,

No more can be merry:

The sun does descend,

And our sports have an end.

15. Round the laps of their mothers

Many sisters and brothers,

Like birds in their nest,

Are ready for rest,

And sport no more seen

20. On the darkening green.

1 pt

What is the rhyme scheme of the first stanza?

1 pt

This passage is which type of poem?


The lines "The birds of the bush" from the first stanza and "Are ready for rest" from the second stanza are examples of which type of repitition?

Amaterasu and Susanoo a Japanese folktale

1.Susanoo and Amaterasu were brother and sister. They rarely agreed on anything. Susanoo was the god of the summer storm. He was always furious and didn’t watch where he was going. Amaterasu was the goddess of the sun, and she brought peace and calm to everything she touched. They could never be together too long because they always got on each other’s nerves. Still, they had a very close bond and always came back together.

2. One day, Susanoo was waiting in the rice fields to see Amaterasu. But he became impatient, as was his way. He flailed and fumed, and soon Amaterasu’s beautiful rice fields were destroyed. When she came and saw what he had done, Amaterasu ran away and hid herself in a cave. The Earth became cold and dark. People started getting sick and depressed. All of the plants started to die. The rest of the gods and goddesses saw that this could not go on. They began to play instruments and dance funny dances. Everyone laughed and played faster and louder, until Amaterasu poked out her head.

3. "What’s going on?" she said, and the strongest of the gods pulled her out and barricaded the cave behind her. They told her she was the most important of them and could not disappear again like that. To this day, she sits the highest in the sky.


How are Susanoo and Amaterasu similar to Walks-the-Sky and Walking-Early?

1 pt

In the Native American folktale, Walks-the-Sky created light