LEAP 2025 ELA Grade 7 Chapter 1

LEAP 2025 ELA Grade 7 Chapter 1 Sample

The Hermit’s Hut

1 Thomas, bearing the unconscious monk in his arms, and somewhat faint from his own wounds, staggered in the direction of the chiming bell. He had but a short distance to go from the scene of combat to the tiny chapel where a hermit was saying his prayers. At the sound of Thomas’ clattering footsteps, the hermit turned with a start and hastened toward him disclosing a kindly face lit by large brown eyes.

2 "Brother," gasped Thomas, "here is a holy man badly wounded for my sake. I beg you to use your skill with herbs to heal him."

3 The hermit responded quickly and led them into his chambers. Thomas carried the monk with tenderness and laid him down on the hermit’s couch.

4 "I best be alone with him," said the hermit. "Go outside and wait till I come to you. I think the brother is not wounded unto death."

5 Thomas went out obediently as the good monk faintly called his name. "Be not troubled," said the hermit. "He does not know that he calls you. He is delirious."

6 Alone with the monk, the hermit began to look at the wound. The hermit looked at the soft white flesh of the shoulder with surprise. Then on impulse, he removed the hood and confirmed his thought. Long hair cascaded over the monk’s delicate face. The hermit paused, looking at her frail body in dismay.

1 pt

What about the identity of the monk surprised the hermit?

1 pt

Which paragraph supports the answer to Part A?

1 pt

Which of the following is an inference you can make based on the story?

1 pt

What inference can you draw from this passage about the wounded monk ?


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1 pt

What can you infer about Jessica and Zack after reading the passage?