KY K-PREP 4th Grade Science Part C

KY K-PREP 4th Grade Science Part C Sample

1 pt Chapter: 2 Standard: SC-04-1.2.1 DOK: 1

What is the best explanation of motion?

1 pt Chapter: 9 Standard: SC-04-3.5.1 DOK: 3

The heterodon had large, sharp canine teeth. What type of food did this dinosaur most likely eat?

1 pt Chapter: 14 Standard: SC-04-4.6.1 DOK: 3

Which organism could replace grasshopper in the food web below?

1 pt Chapter: 10 Standard: SC-04-3.4.2 DOK: 2

A tiger, a chimpanzee, and a bear all belong to the same group because they all have

1 pt Chapter: 3 Standard: SC-04-1.2.3 DOK: 2

Intensity is another way to describe a sound's